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Improving CS and delivering SQ help service providers to differentiate the offering.

Thus our motive is to find out that the statement is true for healthcare industry.

However, customer satisfaction has a significant effect on WOM and RI which are found highly related.

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Specifically, the PSQ dimensions of all have significant positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Fast food restaurant managers need to measure and improve the service quality of their restaurant continuously.Thus far no effort has been undertaken to facilitate foodservice operators to measure their performance, identify and deploy appropriate measures to improve the requirements and expectations of a Halalan Toyyiban Foodservice modus operandi.This paper looks into developing the tools to measure the Halal Foodservice Service Quality based on previous literature and in-depth interviews to be conducted among selected Muslim Clergies and the general public followed by validation process using statistical analysis.The objective of this study is to examine if the Retail Service Quality Scale could successfully capture customers’ perceptions of service quality in discount stores across cultures. Behavioral intentions and satisfaction are also examined in relation to customer perceptions of service quality.Data are collected from two convenience samples of U. and Korean college students and analyzed using factor and regression analyses.

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This research also contributes to theory building, as it presents and validates the respective model of PSQ and customer satisfaction specifically for the port sector.