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For information about filtering tools, check this site.

Ok a brief update on the below -- the basic facts are the same but a lot of the girls have changed.

The frame rate is a bit slow but the video is clear and the girls are mostly pretty nice.

If you want smoother video you'll want to look at Live Camnetwork which has the best using real streaming -- or Amsterdam live is good and has variable speeds for if you are not on broadband.

They are even sensible enough to give discounts on bulk; buy a thousand credits and it's only 89 cents a minute.

This is by far the cheapest I have reviewed so far for regular chat.

16 May: The models who used to work at Secret Friends but no longer are there have reappeared -- but in a new cam site. 16 Apr: Several people have noted in the forum that Secret Friends has lost a lot of their old regular models.

Given the previous news item where they were looking for new studios, I presume that means they have terminated the contract with the old studio -- and they knew it was coming so look for another one.

Click the girls pic to go straight into the room with her.16 Nov 04: Secret Friends, previously run by a company called Pleasure Labs, is now apparently either changed their name or been bought out and are now "".They also now seem to be associated with mycamfriends.Older review: I first found Secret Friends under some of the other names it goes by like Innocent Teens, Young Sweethearts and Adorable Schoolgirls -- as you can tell from the names they are focused on the young-cute-and-sweet girls.This even goes over into the Secret Friend color scheme -- if you don't like pink you better not go to this site!

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