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Oxygen isotope dating

In addition, these types of changes can influence where and/or when people may move throughout the landscape.

For instance, a shift in climate from a hotter or more arid environment to one that is wetter and milder, may have allowed people to move into a new area to make use of land resources that were previously unsuitable for farming or herding animals.

The next goal is to find out how much material of Theia is in the Moon." Most models estimate that the Moon it is composed of around 70% to 90% material from Theia, with the remaining 10% to 30% coming from the early Earth.Isotope Analysis Methods In order to investigate stable isotopes from human and animal bones, a very small sample of bone is needed for the analysis.Due to advances in accelerated mass spectrometry (AMS) a small sample which can range from 200 milligrams to 1gram of bone can be used.The questions that are addressed within the field of Archaeology most commonly relate to the study of diet and mobility in past populations.While most people are familiar with isotopic analysis related to the study of or C-14, fewer are familiar with the analysis of other isotopes that are present in biological material such as human or animal bone.

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Dr Herwartz said "The differences are small and difficult to detect, but they are there.

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