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Oxford university alumni dating

(as the name implies) were used by clergy to record visits to people’s homes in their parish.They often record dates, names of members of the households and sometimes other useful details that would assist the clergy in their duties.

• The list of records from 1500 to 1886 can be found online and searched for free.• uk also maintains listings of Cambridge University alumni from 1261 to 1900. [Historic Cambridge Alumni Records] 1520 – Although it is difficult to set an exact date, the early 1500s was the start of what have been variously described as ecclesiastical censuses.These were essentially various kinds of lists kept by clergy on the parishioners in their parish.This could include such things about their parishioners as occupations, literacy, births, marriages, etc., and occasionally even hand-drawn maps with small sketches of the houses in an area.It is important to note that visits by the parish priest often included visits to non-conformists since the Church of England was newly reconstituted (in 1534 King Henry VIII formally separated the Church of England from Rome).

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[Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714] [Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886]. • If you do manage to find an ancestor who attended Oxford University, be aware that Oxford has a long history of automatically awarding an MA (Masters of Art) after a couple of years to any student who successfully graduates with a BA (Bachelors of Art) and who maintains a "good character" after graduation.