Iceland dating yhoo com2016

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Iceland dating yhoo com2016

I also have a large collection of (free) pens I may never use, random makeup (gratis at most makeup counters), and hotel soaps. So when Icelandair announced it was giving free stopovers to anyone visiting Europe, I stood up and took notice.

Friendly service and comfort WOW dubs itself the airline “with the biggest smiles and the lowest prices” and they’re right about the smiles.They even stopped by and asked if I wanted an i Pad to keep me entertained on the flight, pre-loaded with a range of recent movies and TV shows.I gladly accepted the i Pad and watched “The King’s Speech” while tasting the bulgar wheat and quinoa “wholesome pot” dinner I’d selected from the in-flight dining menu.Overall, my first flight with WOW was a pleasant experience followed by a memorable trip to the UK.Stay tuned for my picks on where to go and what to do when traveling Southwest England!

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Next time, I’ll try the Icelandic yogurt and liquors.

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