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Eugene remm dating

Though the New World Design Builders space itself is a sort of visual wonderland, chef Andrew Carroll’s menu is pleasantly straightforward, with surprises along the way.

Expect a heavy lean on seafood, as the name might imply, with sushi rolls, raw bar items, and ceviches galore.

I look hard for a number, some signal to indicate I’m at the right address, on Lexington Ave. Via email, I’ve been directed to head over and get the lowdown at the place called “the dungeon.” That’s the test facility where the beyond-credible crew of entrepreneurial badasses is forging Rumble, a brand-new group boxing workout they believe will prove irresistible for people looking to get the drool-worthy bodies seen on the best boxers in the world.

If they're right—and by all indications, they're on to something—Rumble could very well redefine how people get shredded.

Sporting high sight lines and lots of greenery, the massive newcomer plans to shake things up in the City of Angels.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Catch, the famed New York seafood restaurant with locations in Dubai and Playa del Carmen, is the scope of the place.

Once I finally find the dungeon (metal door with brick stuck in it, then down a flight of stairs) I discover a bare-bones space filled with a crew of fitness freaks and low-body-fat fanatics with game faces on. I’ve heard of him: Labeled a "king of New York hospitality," he has a reputation for creating hotspots like CATCH, a seafood joint making its mark in Dubai, Playa del Carmen, Los Angeles, and Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

Remm is all casual intensity, welcoming but clearly dialed-in, the kind of dude who isn’t wasting time or energy on a concept that won’t have a high likelihood of spectacular success.

Mark: You’ll probably get more respect by not being that guy who buys stuff for no apparent reason. And it gets the attention of everyone who works there, too. If she accepts, you have 20 minutes, max, to get her to see something.

Eugene: The best style accessory you can wear on a night out is a great haircut. But a great haircut is the smartest investment a man can make. Mark: And if she’s with a guy and you’re not sure what their deal is, mouth over: Boyfriend? If she says yes, whether it’s true or not, you saved some embarrassment.

Welcome to Catch, a rooftop dining destination opening in West Hollywood tomorrow.

Memorial Day weekend has arrived, so what better time to unleash a super mega preview of what to expect in terms of nightlife this summer.

Perhaps almost as important as what you will find out east this summer is what you won't find.

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He's a co-founder of Rumble, along with three similarly accomplished guys: Noah Neiman (an ex-Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer), Andy Stenzler (co-founder of Cosi, Kidville) and Anthony Di Marco (an Ironman vet, and former Google exec).