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Dating a friend older sister

Pro tip: You're probably going to have to be the one that plants the seed for the friendship.

Without overstepping boundaries, start simple, like offering to pick her up when she needs a ride, extending an invitation for dinner, or just taking a minute to chat one-on-one.

(Just make sure you draw the line at playful teasing.

You don't want her to think you're putting her bro down.)Nobody tells the story of when he peed his pants in seventh grade better than her.

Hopefully, his sister will be there to lend you a pair of gym shorts, a tank, etc.

Because in some cases, your guy's over-sized sweats just won't do the trick.

I was lucky enough to grow up with two big sisters, but for those who weren't, your boyfriend's sister can be the next best thing.

If she's older, you know he looks up to her and values her opinion.For example, when your bf burps, farts, picks on you, the list goes on... You two can roll your eyes at each other and talk about how gross he is.She knows this better than anybody; she's had to live with him her whole life.After all, she has her brother's best interests in mind, and she's been witness to any of his relationships that didn't work out in the past.But the real test comes you exchange hellos, and that's getting her to like you.

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