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She was right, all her research, her theorising, her hunches; this is a new uncharted civilisation.Not a pyramid or any other known build style or technique predating Christ; this, here in southern Africa; is simply unexplainable. Just one of the things she cannot understand though is its appearance; the whole area is so overgrown by nature but nothing, absolutely nothing growing within ten foot of the building. There is a river running out from three different parts of the right side of the building and joining together into one big river and turning through a waterfall cascading down a slope then turning again across the front of the building.None of this is missed by the silent red-eyed intruder kneeling at the entrance to her tent.The following morning Chastity is up at first light and checking her findings against the runes on the pole; continuing her deciphers and measuring their accuracy against the build of the pole and just what is possible. The runes make it clear that only females can enter this way, and to pay just and true homage to the Gods they must make the gesture naked.The only way this could be possible given the distances between would be for a central common area to have held an advanced civilisation; but that area is and reportedly always has been totally devoid of human inhabitation.Over one thousand square miles of unchartered wilderness.It appears to be made of wood but her attempts at taking a sample have failed; her tools will not even scratch it. Totem poled Calling it a day Chastity wanders down to the waterfall and strips off her intrepid explorer boots and socks, khaki shorts and olive green denim shirt, and deciding it is "wash day" her white pants and sports bra too and wading naked into the water below the fall she gives herself and the clothes a good wash.

She had found certain artefacts that were common between south west, south east and central Africa from burial sites dating back to 4000BC.There is a nine inch (yes, she measured it) phallus made out of some sort of red metal jutting out of the pole and up between the upper hoops that will obviously enter her as she drops her weight down onto the foot rests.Chastity cannot help but smile in anticipation of what she is about to do, thinking that maybe her parents didn't quite name her right.She had grown up on Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and wanted to add a third name to that list of hero's, her own.Only twenty three but full of determination she was leaving an awful lot of college debt behind her as well as family and friends, but if she could pull this off then none of that would matter; she would be a somebody.

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We join her seven weeks into her mission and stood dirty and sweating in front of a huge block of stone; and by block of stone I mean a Buckingham Palace size block of stone!

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