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I knew that e Harmony had been started by a relationship psychologist and that the site had been well researched, so I wanted to see if it worked.I was on e Harmony for about four weeks before I met Rob, only going on one date apart from him.I don't believe that 'shopping' online for a partner reduces the value of the relationship, because if you're single and looking then you're 'shopping' through other methods all the time.It's just another means of meeting someone that is probably safer and with a higher success rate than bars or clubs.

In addition, most sites allow the user to place a photo along with a personal ad, and some even have audio capability so you can listen to your potential soul mate's voice.

Indeed, most relationship counselors, including The Rules Girls, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, agree that logging on can be a great way to meet your match. Online dating services also can be a good option if you frequently travel for work or have children or other responsibilities that make going out to meet people difficult.

What's more, you're not confined to the area where you live.

You also know you're at least going to have some general things in common because you've seen their profile and had conversations, so will always have some common ground to talk about, even if you're not made for each other.

I've only had one bad online date, out of quite a few, where I didn't get on with the girl and made an excuse to leave early.

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