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I walked among the ancient ruins and puzzled over man's illustrious but forgotten past.In India I wandered alone into the Himalayas and crossed the border of Tibet (which has since been sealed by the Chinese).Indeed, a large part of the scientific literature is devoted to theorization and incredibly vicious attacks on the theories of other theorists.Most perplexing of all was the fact that some of the literature about the ruins I had visited smacked of pure fiction, because the authors had not visited the sites but laboured instead to couple fictitious theories with dubious facts.I have now been accused of being everything from a Communist con man to a secret agent for the Central Intelligence Agency; from a religious fanatic (I'm a lifelong agnostic) to a pawn of the devil.Typographical errors, over which I have no control, in my many articles and books have been lovingly dissected by these groups and prompted countless letters and essays reviewing their sinister implications.I am not attacking any specific individuals or cults.I am attacking man's abysmal ignorance and his impassioned effort to hide that ignorance from himself.

(2) He considers his colleagues and fellow researchers 'ignorant blockheads', largely because they fail to recognize his genius.

Controversy is the lifeblood of crankism(3) The pseudoscientist is paranoid and feels he is the victim of a vast conspiracy designed to suppress his brilliant work.

In many instances these imagined conspiracies become a vital part of the subject itself, as for example, the endless literature discussing how the U. Air Force has been keeping the truth about flying saucers from the public(4) The crank delights in focusing his attacks 'on the greatest scientists and the best-established theories'. He is wiser than Einstein, knows more about astronomy than Fred Hoyle, and is better informed about the moon than Neil Armstrong.

In many areas of the less popular sciences the crank material outweighs the scientific because few if any scientists have tackled those subjects.

So 98 per cent of all the available literature on Atlantis, flying saucers, Tibet, and prehistoric ruins falls into the crank category.

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After twenty-five years as a writer and reporter dedicated to collecting the facts as objectively and as honestly as possible, my integrity has been attacked from all angles.

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