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If Satan can get youth to break the law of chastity, he can frustrate the purposes that we fought for valiantly in the premortal realm.“If we could see each other for who we really are—children of our Father in Heaven—we would treat each other with the reverence, respect, and dignity that our spiritual heritage demands,” says Sister Dalton.That is why we added the value of virtue to the Young Women theme and values. The core of a virtuous life is chastity and sexual purity.“Parents, teach your children that the body is a temple.“There’s a big challenge today, just being in the world,” explains Brother David L. “The first thing parents need to do is understand the doctrine,” says Sister Dalton.“The doctrine is the plan of salvation and includes celestial marriage, family, and parenthood.

These threats are aimed forcefully at the rising generation.clearly points out that dating can occur at age 16 under conditions such as group and double dates that are positive and help maintain self-respect.” Dating in these circumstances doesn’t mean youth can’t or won’t have fun, according to Sister Dalton.“I’ve watched a lot of stake and multistake dance festivals, as well as mutual and service activities. And while they are having a good time, they learn appropriate social interaction and how to be respectful of one another, how to be careful about the way they dress.To help youth interact properly and successfully, “the Church sponsors group activities.We hold mutual and combined activities for youth beginning at age 12.

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Particularly when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, members of the Church need to hold to the iron rod. We’ve got to counteract all the wrong messages that are coming, not only through the media, but also through associates and friends. It starts in the home.” Here, Brother Beck and Sister Elaine S.

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